Four Season Pest Control offers a home treatment mosquito spray. Our mosquito yard treatment is noticeable after application. It will last for months. There is no need to burn candles or maintain an open flame while using your yard. Additionally, our trained technicians take care in the use of our mosquito spray.


Maintaining appropriate safety standards for children, pets, and flowery plants is our first concern. Our mosquito treatment is very effective and long lasting, but safety is always first.


If your family uses your yard for recreation, then Four Seasons can deliver comfort. Most property owners request mosquito service at the beginning of the summer for a nice yard all summer long.

Not Just a Spray

Our technicians will inspect your home for areas of standing water. They’ll walk, poke, and turn things over around your yard. They’ll look for anything where mosquitoes can breed, and educate you on how to stop them.

Frequently Asked Mosquito Control Questions

Four Season’s mosquito control service drastically reduces mosquitoes around a home. If you don’t see your question or if you’re ready for an appointment, give us a call!

How fast can you service my home?

Our mosquito service is very popular at the end of spring and the beginning of summer. Setting up an appointment works best, but we’ll still get you serviced as soon as possible. Other times of the year are about 1-2 days.

Does it wash away?

After the mosquito spray treatment has dried, it will last several months before it wears off. It remains effective as long as mother nature stays nice.

Does it harm plants?

The spray does not harm plants, but we avoid spraying flowers and flowery plants.

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