Controlling moisture in and around your home is a critical component of lasting pest control. Moisture attracts wood destroying insects, mildew and mold. Each of these cause structural rot and wood decay. Excessive moisture not only affects the structural integrity of your home, but it also affects the health of those living inside.

Four Seasons Pest Control provides moisture prevention using the Crawlspace Care® system.

Water penetrates a structure in a number of ways. Condensation, high humidity, groundwater and wet foundations will eventually allow water to accumulate in crawl space. Moisture in the crawl space is the number one cause of home humidity.

Crawlspace care uses a combination of techn iques that work to remove and prevent unwanted moisture and humidity from your homes crawlspace. 

Interior Drain Systems
Interior drains in crawlspaces help to divert subsoil moisture to a drainage ditch that dispenses into a vat with a submergible pump.  This then pumps the excess water from the crawlspace.

Exterior Drain Systems
Exterior drains help to divert moister away from the homes foundation.  This is done using the hydrostatic pressure of water to send it in an underground trench.

Floor Liners
Crawlspace care installs an 8 mil fiber reinforced floor line on the crawlspace floor.  This creates a barrier between the moist soil in a crawlspace and the wooden flooring and supports of the crawlspace.”  This also helps to prevent wood rote, mold, mildew, and spore growth.

Gutter Extensions
It is very important to divert water from gutters away from the homes foundation.

A crawlspace can be a moist damp area.  This creates an environment with high humidity.  Humidity is “moist air”.  This condition is what causes fungal growth, wood rote, mold, mildew and a conducive condition for pests and termites.   We install crawlspace dehumidifiers that work to keep the humidity at a manageable level in the crawlspace

Frequently Asked Moisture Control Questions

Four Season’s home moisture control eliminates excess moisture in your home. If you don’t see your question or if you’re ready for an appointment, give us a call!

How fast is the process?

Speed is mostly determined by home size, but an average three bedroom two bath home takes approximately 2-3 days.

Do you correct structural damage?

No. Crawlspace Care® is a system to control moisture in a house. A home improvement contractor needs to make any repairs prior to the system being installed.

How much moisture will the system control?

It depends on the moisture content around the home, but the Crawlspace Care® system is designed to keep moisture out. The crawl space floor will have a physical barrier and a method to remove excess moisture.

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