Four Seasons Pest Control Signature Service™ provides scheduled termite and pest control service for your home. Signature Service provides ongoing, comprehensive pest protection, and peace of mind.

Quarterly Pest Treatments

With Signature Service, Four Seasons Pest Control maintains an effective non-invasive pest treatment for your home four times per year. Pest control treatments are applied to the perimeter of the structure and are designed to effectively control insect pest populations on the outside before they penetrate the home. Mice and other pests are also covered.

Sentricon ® Termite Pest Control

Signature Service provides termite pest control using Sentricon®, the #1 brand in home termite treatment. Sentricon is a termite monitoring and baiting system designed to exterminate termites as they near your home. Sentricon® requires no liquid treatment, so the system is safe for children, pets, and the general environment while remaining highly effective. 

Our Signature Service termite control service is designed, monitored and maintained by a Certified Sentricon Specialist™. Sentricon bait will exterminate termites, including the colony and queen, once it is shared throughout the colony. And, it's the first and only termite product to be awarded the prestigious Presidential Green Chemistry Award (2000) by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Annual Inspection

While our service technicians are always looking for pest issues, Four Seasons Pest Control provides an annual comprehensive general pest and home termite inspection for its Signature Service customers. 

Customer Service and Damage Addendum

Our certified pest control technicians listen to our customers and provide a high degree of customer care. Additionally, Signature Service termite service covers your home or business with a $10,000 termite damage addendum as an additional layer of protection.

Frequently Asked Signature Service Questions

Four Seasons Signature Service provides year around pest protection. Many homeowners ask the following about it. If you don’t see your question, please give us a call!

Why is your pest control service quarterly?

Pest control science has advanced dramatically over the last twenty years. Four Seasons Pest Control employs the latest science and pest control technology to provide 1) a superior level of pest coverage with 2) less chemicals or harmful environmental practices. We can easily provide better pest protection with less.

What pests does Signature Service cover?

Signature Service protects against all species of termites and all common pests, such as ants, cockroaches, and mice. Bed bug and mosquito protection are provided only when needed, and are not part of Signature Service.

Signature Service sounds expensive. What should I expect?

Signature Service has payment plans that eliminate the need for a single annual payment. Signature Service allows our technicians to go after all pests at protected properties, and be proactive in that work. They hate ‘informing’ homeowners of a property pest issue when it is not covered. Signature Service is a comprehensive pest service that protects the totality of your investment.

What happens if a pest shows up in between treatments?

Homeowners only have to call their service technician for a no-questions-asked response. They will arrive as soon as possible and address the issue quickly. Typically, there is no additional charge. Four Seasons Pest Control provides a broad spectrum of services including termite protection , mosquito control , and general household pest control .

Call Four Seasons Pest Control at 877-839-5629 or inquire to sign-up today.